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      My journey to discovering the healing arts began five years ago when a very close relative of mine was diagnosed with MS. We found the disease with her initial symptoms of dizziness, lack of balance when walking and standing up, and the inability to walk up and down the stairs very well. These symptoms climaxed to extreme headaches, loss of feelings in the legs, which resulted in the inability to walk in general. As we were in the hospital, scared and wondering how life would look for us, a friend of hers contacted us, offering to give her a one hour foot rub. Foot Zone Therapy she called it. We didn’t know how it would help, but a foot massage? Sure! Who would pass on a foot massage?

      After a week or two of multiple foot massages we were all shocked as we watched the symptoms of dizziness, and unbalance fade away. The feelings in her legs came back and before long she was up and around doing all the things she normally did. After watching that I was sold! In the next few months my mother, sister and I, along with a few other friends all became certified foot zoners.

       Over the next few years, I had similarly amazing results with clients. I saw aches and pains go away, symptoms disappear and health restore. It was an amazing journey. As I continued doing feet my appetite and thirst for knowledge increased and I knew there was something else I needed to learn. That’s when energy work in the form of the Body Code was presented to me.

      The body code is a healing modality that not only removes the baggage from the body but also finding and releasing the ROOT CAUSE to your health issues. After learning and using the body code my intuition opened, and I blossomed as a healer. I have since continued to explore and learn other energy modalities, while keeping my focus on bringing health to the body with the help of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I am currently studying the Healers Blueprint to help round out my energy healing abilities. The Healers Blueprint is a Christ centered modality which helps clients with more traumatic backgrounds and very deep rooted issues.

      Overall I would say my journey to bring health to others has been very eye opening, and guided from above. The body was created with its own innate healing ability, over the years these abilities just get clogged up a bit. It is my deepest desire to help others “unclog the pipes” so the body can do what it was meant to do, and we can live from a more natural state of abundance, love and confidence. As I have worked with so many different people over the years I have learned that each person was blessed with very unique gifts and abilities. I love helping clients discover and bring out their true selves as they begin their journey and slowly blossom into a complete picture of love, health and abundance.


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