The Body Code 

What is your baggage? 

Emotional baggage, everyone has it. What is it exactly? Remember back to those times when you felt overwhelmed by emotions. Maybe they were emotions of anger, sadness, fear, or heartache. These along with 56 other emotions, are all very real. If we don't deal with them and are unable to release them they become trapped within the body.  Imagine little balls of energy stuck in your body. Where they get stuck is where health issues may begin. 

Do you have a bad back? Let's release those feelings of dread, or blaming. Having trouble sleeping? Maybe guilt or failure are keeping you awake. Emotions are real, and releasing them helps your body heal. 

      Let's find out. Ask your body, what foods would benefit it most for healing. Do you need a special diet to heal? How long would that process take? How does your body feel about an all raw diet? Green Smoothies? Organic fruits and vegetables? Meat? Sugar? These are all important questions to ask to help you get started nutritionally on the right track. 

A limiting belief is something your subconscious holds onto as a truth. Your subconscious then tries to fulfill this truth you hold deep inside. Limiting beliefs are always false, and can severely limit your potential. They can be tools of self-sabotage as you are trying to reach your goals. What limiting beliefs do you hold to as truth?

What about Nutrition?


Big and strong your subconscious has built this wall to protect the most important organ in your body, YOUR HEART! These walls are made entirely of emotions and can be measured in inches, feet, or even miles. Once removed you can send and receive love easier, create your hearts desires and more easily follow your hearts dream. How big is your heart wall?


How can the Body Code help you?

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Depression

  • Thyroid issues

  • Trying to lose weight

  • PTSD

  • Create Abundance

  • Back Pain

  • Arthritis issues

  • Fatigue

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Pain in general

  • Relationship issues

  • Many more issues.......

      Nutrition and exercise are vital for the body to function optimally. The standard American diet is overly processed and lacking in real nutritional value. Healthy foods are underrated.

      Many people are trying to eat healthy, but with today's media it can be confusing on what is healthy and what is not. What foods are benficial for your body and what is not? 


The Body Code Explained....

What is the body code? A series of yes and no questions that you ask the energies of the body via muscle testing. In asking questions you are specifically looking for the root cause of any diseases, illness, discomfort or issue in general. Once the body takes you to the root cause of the problem, you simple identify the negative energy and then clear it out! Truly a simple and yet very healing process. 


The body code is very thorough and uses six sections in which we can clear from. The sections are:


  1. Pathogens - Foreign invaders that are attacking the body. These include, virus, bacteria, parasite, mold and fungus. 

  2. Misalignment - Is your back giving you trouble? Most likely your spine is out of alignment. Or maybe your kidney has been jostled a bit after your last pregnancy. The body can identify these misalignments and then correct them.

  3. Nutrition and lifestyle - Do you get enough sleep? Drink enough water? Eat healthy foods? Exercise regularly? The body will let you know if you need something extra in your daily routine. 

  4. Toxins - Heavy metals, chemical pollutions, or anything else. If your body is fighting some kind of toxin, it will let you know. 

  5. Circuits and Systems - Are your systems healthy and happy? Are your chakras and meridians running efficiently and at their highest? Often times a trapped emotion can throw off the balance of a system. We simply identify and release the emotion to restore balance to the system.

  6. Energies - Is your body losing energy? Are trapped emotions weighing you down? Are self-sabotaging your efforts in a way to keep you safe? Are other people sabotaging your efforts, or thwarting you success? These issues can be identified and released. 

With each of these categories it is as simple as the body telling us where the issue is, identifying the imbalance and releasing it from the energies of the body.  Releaseing these energies truly do bring health and happiness, greater peace and light. 


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