Frequently Asked Questions

"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way, this is not philosophy. This is physchis."

Albert Einstein

What can I expect to experience after a session? The after experience is unique to each individually. Some people feel very emotional for the remainder of the day while others feel no difference at all. Fatigue, extra energy, a sense of “lightness,” feeling more peace, or happy, are what different people have reported back. Other individuals, have noticed a need to use the restroom more often throughout the day, as if the body is literally dumping out the negative energies.

How long does it take my body to process the energies we cleared? The body can usually process emotions between 24 and 48 hours. Although the energies may process quickly oftentimes the energies cause damage to the physical body and they may take four to seven days, or longer for the physical body to heal, depending on the amount of damage caused.

If I do a session to clear my weight block will I automatically start losing weight? Not always. This depends on the individual. I have had some clients begin to notice themselves losing weight within a week or so, others none at all. If you don’t start losing weight within the first week or two, and your diet is healthy, that may be a sign that there are other underlying imbalance affecting the weight, and more sessions would be needed.

When can I expect to see results from the work we do? This all depends on how deeply rooted the issue is. I have had some clients show great progress after only one or two session, while others have needed much more until they started showing progress on a specific issue. The body is like an onion, only willing to release so much at once. It is hard to gauge in advance how many sessions are needed for a specific issue. Also, if you come from a very traumatic background, there is usually more clearing needed to bring balance back to your system.

How frequent do I need sessions? Regular sessions can be as close together as once a week, or as far apart as once every three weeks. Irregular sessions can be done on an as needed basis. Whether that be once a month, once every few months etc. The most important thing is to periodically make sure you do an energy session, it is like a tune up for the energies of the body. It keeps us humming on a good vibration if we take care of our energies in a healthy way.

What is remote energy healing, how does it work? Energy is everywhere. It is not a physical, tangible object therefore it is not bound by the limits of space. Because it is has no bounds, as a practitioner, I can set aside the needs of my own body and “tune into” your energies. Once I make a connection, I can clear negative energies from you even though we are in different places of the world.

How does it work over the phone? Remote healing is easily done over the phone. You call me and I tune into your energies. I then find trapped negative energies and clear them, the same I would if you were in my home sitting beside me.


What is an email session? Sometimes living in different time zones, and with everyone’s very very busy schedules, we can set up an email session. That is where I tune into your energies and I work on you remotely. While I work, I write everything I find, and send it over to you in an email. You do not have to be on the phone for this session, and the benefits are the same as if it were done in person or on the phone.

Can you do a remote foot zone session? I prefer to do all my foot zone sessions in person. 


What type of health issues can this work for? Any and all. I have worked on clients with thyroid issues, fatigue, neck pain, back pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety, sleep issues, cancer, ruptured disk, vertigo, MS, morning sickness, etc.


What is stopping me from reaching my goals? Just as these energies can affect our health, they can also stop us from reaching our goals. We often have barriers or blocks in the way of us achieving our goals. For example, if you are trying to find a companion, and have had no success for years you may have a block that is 100% strong. This is like a WALL of negative energy created by your subconscious that literally makes it impossible to accomplish what you have set out to do. You can have blocks to anything. Cooking, eating healthy, relationships, money, losing weight, exercising, stopping smoking, etc.


What is the difference between a foot zone and an energy session? A foot zone is focused on physically aligning the energies of the body.  Clearing any toxins from the body, making sure the glands and organs are communicating with the brain, making sure each body system is functioning at its best. It is a great way to physically bring all your energies and body systems into proper balance. Body Code sessions are more about finding why your energies went out of whack in the first place. What patterns and habits have you subconsciously created that are attracting poor health? In using the body code we find the ROOT CAUSE to your physical symptoms.

Which is more beneficial, a foot zone or an energy session?  Both modalities are very effective. This depends on your personal preference. My husband LOVES massages of all types, so he would prefer a regular foot zone supplemented occasionally with a Body Code session. I on the other hand, am really curious about what is going on in my brain and with my subconscious. I would prefer regular Body Code sessions supplemented by an occasional foot zone.

Does this work for children? Yes. I have seen positive results for kids with high anxiety, ADD, ADHD, anger issues, trouble potty training, etc. I have also helped my own children with the occasional cold or rash.

Can you do this for pets? Yes. Pets do have emotions as well, and can get them trapped which cause behavioral issues as well as illness. If you dog is suddenly having issues going to the bathroom in the house, or he won’t stop crying every time you put him outside this could help. Any and all pets could benefit, dogs, cats, horses, etc.  


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