"In the journey to better health we find ourselves transformed as we leave behind the negativity that sits within. As we shed our baggage we are filled with joy, light and love." -Tiffany Ipsen

"It has been one year post recovery form a ruptured disk surgery. The pain was manageable, but still noticeably a part of my life. I did a few sessions with Tiffany and the constant back pain I had lived with for a year, mostly disappeared. Then a couple of months later I had a very bad flair up. The pain was intense. After 7 days I finally called Tiffany and within a few hours of our session, the pain had completely disappeared."

Matt Burton, CA

“I was sitting in my car on my way to work and my leg itched so bad that I was going to have to go back home because I couldn’t stand it. My leg burned and felt like fire. I called Tiffany and she did a quick 10 minute session right there on the spot and the itching and burning totally stopped. I was so impressed with what she did and how immediate the results were. My legs have not itched since. I didn't have to use any medication or go to the doctor or anything." 

Kathy Burrow, CA

       "I had a myriad of health issues, and I was excited when Tiffany approached me to work with her on releasing some imbalances. I've battled a thyroid issue for 19 years, unable to lose weight, extreme vertigo for a year and most recently a deep depression lasting a few months, all of these issues cleared up in the two months I worked with Tiffany.

       For my thyroid I tried oils, natural medications, chiropractor/energy healer (Dr. Giles), and an MD. The MD wanted to put me on heavy duty thyroid medications and he said I would probably have to have it removed because it was incurable. Dr. Giles also agreed that my thyroid wasn't working and he had me taking high dose natural supplements. After only one session of emotional release with Tiffany the thyroid was healed! I was shocked and had to call Dr. Giles for confirmation. He agreed that the thyroid appeared to be healthy. We continued to monitor it, and after a weeks he took me off my thyroid supplements!

Jeanie Burton, CA

      Tiffany also cleared a block to losing weight for me. I have been eating healthy and exercising regularly for over a year. Once she removed the block the weight finally started falling off. I lost over 35 pounds, with no change to my diet or exercise regime in just a few weeks.

      Lastly, I went from being dizzy all day every day to now where I barely even notice it. The dizziness was so severe it kept me in bed most days whereas now I am gardening, cooking, playing with the kids, running errands and enjoying life overall.

       Working with Tiffany these past few months has brought a complete shift in my life. I feel lighter, happier, and I see a bigger sense of purpose to my life.”

Armando Ortiz, CA

      "Tiffany consistently demonstrated a professional level of care, actively listened to what I had to say, as well as addressed my body’s underlying barriers in a way that helped to bring a higher level of healing in my life.  I especially enjoyed the fact that Tiffany kept me connected as an active participant in the healing process during my sessions with her; Along the journey, Tiffany explained every step to me and provided me with a written summary of my progress and goals, which allowed me to know where I was, how much I had progressed, and what to expect as I continued the road to better health.  At first I wasn’t sure what the Body Code system entailed, but I recognize that the healing began the very first session I had with Tiffany…as I direct result of I have been able to enjoy better spiritual, physical, and mental health directly affecting my relationship with others. "            


“I've always felt really calm afterwards, like a load was taken off after every session. You were always able to touch on things I was struggling with at the time and you knew the emotions I was needing to get rid of to best help me improve my wellbeing. " 

Misty Burrow, CA

"Thank you for all you have done for me! I feel better emotionally, spiritually and physically than I have for a LONG time! I appreciate you more than I can say! I look forward to working again with you soon!" 

Julie Wright, ID


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